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September 4, 2017 – AZ-Built Announces NEW software Application (SKimatix) for the AZ-Built SKanner

AZ-Built Announces NEW software Application (SKimatix) for the AZ-Built SKanner which utilizes NEW Field-2-Fab technology to produce the fastest method available to go from field work to fabrication.

Baton Rouge, LA - AZ-Built Announces NEW Field-2-Fab technology which is the fastest, least expensive and most accurate method available to go from an idea in the field to fabrication. The technology is applied using a NEW software Application (SKimatix) for the AZ-Built SKanner which is now available by logging into the AZ-Built website. The technology and new app is perfect for projects requiring NEW or replacing EXISTING piping, instrumentation and equipment.

The SKimatix app is the only cloud based 3D Modelling software which operates on an Android tablet. From any site location, users can upload their new designs to the AZ-Built website where the 3D Model can be shared, reviewed and commented on with the use of an internet browser rather than using expensive 3D model viewing software. Users can just SKan existing 3D background environments and start modelling piping, steel and instrumentation by dragging and dropping components on the AZ-Built SKanner using the SKimatix app. NEW designs can be completed in minutes and when uploaded to the AZ-Built website, the 3D Designs can be shared and reviewed with project stakeholders using any mobile phone or tablet. Using the SKimatix app on the AZ-Built website, users can add dimensions, annotations and text to the 3D Design and then Issue the design as a 3D Design PDF Report. The app can produce amazing results without having to create CAD drawings. Now for the first time, the dimensioned 3D Construction Model is the true governing document.

The SKimatix app creates Bill of Materials which are easily exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software. No more waiting for construction estimates and pricing, the SKimatix app generates a materials and labor cost estimate from the 3D Design. Users no longer have to spend time creating 3D components. 2D Drawings are uploaded to the SKimatix app which creates 3D Models to insert into the 3D design.

The SKimatix app model files can be exported to ISOGEN to create 2D Isometric Drawings or SPOOLGEN to create 2D Spool drawings. Amazingly, it no longer matters what drawings are created or recreated during the fabrication process because the SKanner verifies the fabricated pipe or equipment to the 3D Construction model for dimensional compliance. The technology is independent of the drawings, drawing files or drawing type

The SKimatix app eliminates engineering and fabrication busts and simplifies the installation process by generating easy to understand 3D Model Spool Installation PDF Reports. During the construction phase, piping is erected by spool and not by isometric drawing (which may include a multiple of spools). Traditional Piping Isometric Drawings are drawn not to scale and are hard to interpret leading to construction errors. 3D Model Spool Installation PDF Reports eliminate installation errors using only two clear dimensions for erection, a single horizontal and a single vertical dimension

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