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December 21, 2016 - AZ-Built Announces the NEW Website!

The Measurement Magik team at AZ-Built announces the NEW website is now available to use for Pipe Fabricators, Maintenance and Construction Companies, Chemical Manufacturing Facilities and Refineries!

BATON ROUGE, LA. – The Measurement Magik team at AZ-Built has announced its NEW Technology and Website is now available for industrial construction and fabrication projects. The technology incorporates the use of the new AZ-Built SKanner®, a relatively low cost hand held light scanner which when used with the new website, produces 3D color coded Models which display the differences between actual measured dimensions compared to theoretical drawing dimensions. Traditional 2D drawings are uploaded to the new website along with the SKanner files and the results are 3D Models created and presented as tolerance reports. The 3D Models are color coded Green for Passing the tolerance comparison test and Red should a measured value be automatically determined to be outside the allowable fabrication tolerance. The reports do not require any expensive 3D Model viewing software. Instead, the color coded reports are easily downloaded and viewed with the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

“We have been working on solving a very expensive problem when it comes to the construction of Industrial Sites, Chemical Manufacturing Facilities and Refineries. Significant amounts of capital are spent on Quality Assurance & Quality Control for inspections of equipment, piping and structural steel to verify material compliance and weld integrity. Until now, there were no cost effective tools, methods or services available to address the missing yet most important item of Quality: Dimensional Compliance. Having the ability to know in advance if interconnecting items in a process have been fabricated as designed within dimensional tolerances is going to change how industrial projects get executed by reducing risk, minimizing re-work and eliminating surprises” said Byron Bourg, President, “When the actual dimensions are not the same as the theoretical dimensions on the drawings, the discovery happens during the Field Construction phase which causes significant disruptions in execution plans, delays to schedules, and increases in costs resulting from the error surprise. Even adding more pain, it is difficult to determine who caused the error and how to arrive at a cost effect solution to correct it. The entire project is relying on Certified Drawings for dimensions, however, there just were no cost –effective tools available to create as-built dimensions and no cost –effective techniques available to confirm fabrication is within tolerances. Until Now!”

AZ-Built now offers two options for applying the technology. “End-2-End” is a start to finish complete service provided by the team of Measurement Detectives. Customers and clients can quickly generate online a quotation with a start date and the AZ-Built team arrives at the fabrication site and captures measurements with the Skanner. Measurements along with the 2D drawings are uploaded to the website and customers can download the 3D Tolerance Reports within 24-48 hours depending on the quantity involved.

Also available are “Do It Yourself” Az-Built® tools, where Fabricators, Chemical Manufacturing Companies, Refineries, and Independent Inspection Quality Control and Assurance providers, now have the ability to Quickly and Accurately determine the “As-Built” dimensions of piping spools, structural steel and process equipment. Customers capture their own measurements with the Skanner and upload the data along with their drawings and are notified of their results available to be downloaded within 24-48 hours-

The first application of the technology has been measuring process piping spools where the results have been reliable, accurate and impressive. After completing over 850 successful Engineering and Construction projects, domestic and international, the AZ-Built team determined that the key to a successful fast track project was eliminating unexpected and undetectable errors. The release of the new powerful technology has proven to consistently reduce the amount of re-work and errors by an order of magnitude for both small and large scale projects as defined by the Construction Industry Institute. Interestingly, the date of the release of the revolutionary technology coincides exactly with the Winter solstice (day of the most powerful release of solar energy).

About AZ-Built

The team at AZ-Built is a leader in technological developments for the engineering, fabrication and construction industry headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One of the few companies at the 4 Front of engineering innovation which provides fixed priced Dimensional Compliance tools and services with a corporate purpose to continuously exceed the client’s expectations by implementing tools to automate and expedite the EPC Design/Build process for Chemical Manufacturing Facility assets.

For more information, visit please contact or feel free to contact us at

(225) 276 5787.

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