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July 5, 2017 - AZ-Built Announces NEW software Application (SKrutinizor) for the AZ-Built SKanner

AZ-Built announced a NEW software application (SKrutinizor) is now available for the AZ-Built SKanner.

Baton Rouge, LA - AZ-Built announced a NEW software application (SKrutinizor) has been released. The app can now be installed on the AZ-Built SKanner and is available by logging into the AZ-Built website.

SKrutinizor creates 3D color coded Tolerance Reports as pdf files. The tolerance reports include 3D color coded Models which display the differences between actual measured dimensions compared to theoretical drawing dimensions. Drawings in pdf file formats of piping, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other process equipment are uploaded to the AZ-Built website along with corresponding SKanner files and the results are 3D Models created and presented as tolerance reports. The 3D Models are color coded Green for Passing the tolerance comparison test and Red should a measured value be automatically determined to be outside the allowable fabrication tolerance. The reports do not require any expensive 3D Model viewing software. Instead, the color coded reports are easily downloaded and viewed with the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Skrutinizor is the perfect app for piping, instrumentation and equipment replacement projects in which existing Drawing dimensions are compared the actual dimensions captured in the field and the result is a 3D color coded PDF Tolerance Report with simple and easy to understand results. The SKruntinizor app along with the AZ-Built SKanner is the fastest and most cost effective method available today to create as-built documentation and eliminate engineering and fabrication busts

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