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"From Molecules to Miracles"

Do you want to KNOW what every ENGINEERING FIRM does not want you to KNOW?  To Expedite your project schedule and build your Chemical manufacturing facility assets, you do NOT need traditional Engineering deliverables…..Drawings.  You see you will NEVER hear that comment from Engineering Firms because they charge you for drawings and ALL the manhours that go into creating them.  I know because I worked with other Engineering firms and that was their strategy.


But the fact is…The key to a successful FAST TRACK project has nothing to do with all of the manhours and tasks for creating DRAWINGS.  The critical path is eliminated when DRAWINGS are eliminated.  The critical path becomes the flow of information and the ability to communicate that information to the all the different groups of folks who need it, in effect eliminating all of the unnecessary information.  You see Engineering firms pride themselves on following the same old work processes and billing manhours.  Their business is charging manhours, so when in doubt or getting behind on schedule, they just add more manhours. 


At AZ-Built, using our technology, we can design and build your projects FASTER, MORE ACCURATE and at a LOWER COST than traditional and conventional methods used by even the largest Engineering Firms in the USA.  


This is how it works……We start with your Process Engineers or Process Design Technology providers.  We gather information on the process equipment and our 3D Mechanical and Process Design Engineers create 3D Models which automatically provides accurate costs deliverables for Fabrication.  No more manhours on preliminary designs and layouts.  We generate a cost estimate straight from our 3D Models, therefore you have a better idea of the capital investment for your project during the traditional front end phase.  More importantly, the 3D Model is not an engineering model developed for engineering deliverables, rather a SINGLE FABRICATION and CONSTRUCTION Model to be used during the entire project execution. 


No more waiting for engineering drawings to get started.  Our Technology generates 3D Model views with the proper information to procure, fabricate, erect and construct.  We have optimized the BIM process to better communicate to the Folks needing information from the fitters to the welders to the turnover specialists to the commissioning team.  Its all done with a SINGLE 3D Model created from the start with the purpose of being a 3D Model for Construction and NOT a model for presentations or for song and dance reviews. 


No more structural steel drawings which then get redrawn as structural steel details…….Fewer manhours …..a Single Model.


No more Piping Isometric Drawings which then get redrawn as piping spool sheets……..Fewer Manhours….. a Single Model.


No more Rough Isometric drawings for Hydraulic Calculations or Piping Stress Isometrics…….Fewer Manhours…..a Single Model.


From the Front End design phase straight to Construction…..Fewer paper deliverables....Fewer drawings….Fewer Manhours………Better methods of communication, information is a single database….a Single 3D Model.


The Single 3D Model Fast Track Project Execution Work Process has been proven on both small and large scale projects.  To execute your projects FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER!  Contact


Need As-built documentation to Replace Existing Piping, Instrumentation & Equipment?

Try our NEW technology and discover the simplest, quickest and most affordable solution for replacing existing piping, instrumentation and equipment.  To replace Existing Piping, we upload your existing Piping Isometric Drawing as a PDF file and using the NEW AZ-Built Skanner, upload an “azb” Skan file of the piping captured in the field.  That’s it!  You will receive an email with a 3D color coded PDF Tolerance Report with simple and easy to understand results.  Green indicates the actual installed piping dimensions agree with the drawing dimensions and Red indicates the incorrect dimensions on the drawings.  There is no faster method available today to create as-built documentation or drawings of your actual installed piping.   Want to eliminate engineering and fabrication busts on your next Piping replacement project?  You can now know your piping will fit!  Since your existing piping has been captured in the field with the NEW AZ-Built Skanner, we Skan and upload an “azb” file of the replacement spool at the fabrication shop and receive and email with a 3D Color coded PDF Tolerance Report comparing the actual field installed spool to the new fabricated spool.  Green indicates your pipe will fit and Red indicates the fabrication is outside allowable tolerances.




Still not ready to try ? We understand. Please feel free to Contact Us today.

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