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Would you like to eliminate Fabrication busts on your next project?

We have been working on solving a very expensive problem when it comes to the construction of Industrial Sites, Chemical Manufacturing Facilities and Refineries. Have you experienced a project where the piping did not fit properly? Making the situation even worst, the discovery happened during field construction causing significant disruptions in the execution plan, delays to schedule, and increases in change orders and costs resulting from the error surprise! Even adding more pain, was the effort to determine who caused the error and how to arrive at a cost effect solution to correct it.


AZ-Built announces NEW Technology and a Website is now available for industrial construction and fabrication projects. The technology incorporates the use of the NEW AZ-Built SKanner®, a relatively low cost hand held light scanner which when used with the new website, produces 3D color coded Models which display the differences between actual measured dimensions compared to theoretical drawing dimensions.

Traditional 2D drawings are uploaded to the new website along with the SKanner files and the results are 3D Models created and presented as tolerance reports. The 3D Models are color coded Green for Passing the tolerance comparison test and Red should a measured value be automatically determined to be outside the allowable fabrication tolerance. The reports do not require any expensive 3D Model viewing software. Instead, the color coded reports are easily downloaded and viewed with the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Learn more about our “End-2-End” start to finish complete service provided by a team of Measurement Detectives where you can quickly generate online a fixed price quotation with a start date. Next, the AZ-Built team arrives at the fabrication site and captures measurements with the Skanner to Quickly and Accurately determine the “As-Built” dimensions of piping spools, structural steel and process equipment. 

Not just Piping but Pressure Vessels and Structural Steel too!  

The technology has been successfully applied to Process Equipment. A high pressure ASME Sect VIII Div 2 Pressure Vessel 10 foot in diameter by 23 foot long designed for 2,200 psig was checked recently for dimensional compliance and the technology discovered a 16” diameter 1500LB tangential nozzle FAILED tolerance compliance. Instead of being located on a 45 degree angle as designed, was located on a 43 degree angle. The fabrication bust discovery resulted in a savings of over $6,000.00 in piping modifications.



When it comes to SPEED, AZ-Built Technology is the Quickest!

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