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How are we Cheaper than the traditional approach…by eliminating Laser Scanning & data registration and processing costs.

How is the technology Cost-effective…For most small cap and maintenance projects a terrestrial scanner is not required to achieve acceptable accuracies eliminating the expensive cost for the laser scanner, registration processing time at the desktop and LFM software costs.

The AZ-Built Hand Held Skanner is safe for humans and safe for the objects being measured.  The light emitted from the Skanner is reflected off of the metal surfaces and does NOT affect or change the metallurgy, chemical or physical properties of the object being measured.  The radiation level is the same as a TV remote control and is classified as FDA Class 1, IEC Class 1, and defined as non-hazardous with the hazard not increasing if viewed with optical aids, including magnifiers, binoculars, or telescopes.

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