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When it comes to SAFTEY, out technology is superior!

The AZ-Built Hand Held Skanner is Safe to operate.  The device is not a Laser Scanner and does not use Laser light.  The Skanner utilizes safe infrared light rays which are projected as patterns on steel objects such as piping and vessels.  The infrared light technology (similar to a TV remote control or a video game motion sensor) is invisible to the human eye and does not penetrate the object being measured.  Unlike with a laser where the human eye can focus a laser beam to a very small, intense spot on its retina, which can result in a burn or blind spot, the AZ-Built Skanner emits infrared radiation in the form of light which is NOT in itself harmful, and behaves much like ordinary light in its interaction with the human body. 

The AZ-Built Hand Held Skanner is safe for humans and safe for the objects being measured.  The light emitted from the Skanner is reflected off of the metal surfaces and does NOT affect or change the metallurgy, chemical or physical properties of the object being measured.  The radiation level is the same as a TV remote control and is classified as FDA Class 1, IEC Class 1, and defined as non-hazardous with the hazard not increasing if viewed with optical aids, including magnifiers, binoculars, or telescopes.

Included with the safe Skanner hardware is a special designed High Visibility comfortable shirt.  All Dimensional Detectives performing End 2 End services arrive at your fabrication facility wearing the high visibility AZ-Built shirt comprised of dri-fit material for those long hot summer shifts.  The special colored shirt is easily identifiable providing an extra level of awareness in your fabrication facility.  Additional standard safety gear includes ANSI Z87 safety glasses and ANSI Z41 steel toe shoes.


All Dimensional Detectives performing End 2 End services attend a class room safety training session prior to entering any fabrication site and participate in any required site specific training prior to beginning any shop measuring services.  The only subject NOT covered in the safety training sessions is fall protection and that is because we never have to wear a harness to successfully complete your measurement projects.  The new AZ-Built technology and work process has eliminated the risk of falling at any site by eliminating the exposure to the hazard.  You simply do not have to climb to measure anything in your facility and the technology provides 3D measurements of your projects from the ground.  NO CLIMBING REQUIRED.  The result is a perfect safety record with Zero lost time accidents, Zero near misses and Zero first aid applications.  All of the Measurement Magik team are compensated annually and incentivized to maintain the company goal of Triple Zero (0-0-0). 


The AZ-Built Technology at its basic core includes SAFE tools, SAFE High Viz clothes, Safe Shoes and Glasses, and a team focus on SAFETY awareness.  We take safety seriously and that is why we included Safety in our company logo and philosophy.

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