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Creators of Engineering, Fabrication & Construction Technologies

      BIM Design/Build Execution Specialists



AZ-Built created by Byron Bourg, former Founder and President of

After completing over 850 successful Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects for Chemical Manufacturing facilities and Refineries, Mr. Bourg created a company to develop advanced technologies to build operating facilities Faster and more Cost Effective than the traditional and conventional processes used by engineering firms and construction companies.

Our vision is to create tools which drive and complete projects Quicker by eliminating rework and waste, flowing optimized information and eliminating unnecessary data, and implementing expeditious execution strategies.  We truly understand the goal of our clients is to be the lowest cost provider of chemicals which is accomplished by designing and building assets to bring new products and additional production to the market first ahead of its competitors. 

Engineering companies pride themselves on experience acquired over the years using the same methods, procedures and strategies on past projects.  What they don’t want you to know is you can expect the same results!  The same long schedules! The same change orders and project over runs on cost reimbursable budgets! 

We have created tools which eliminate traditional engineering deliverables and distributes information to the right folks at the right time.  In addition, the tools eliminate rework by identifying dimensional deficiencies early in the work process and provide 100% accountability and traceability. 






3D Model Projects Completed
Chemical Manufacturing Facilities & Refineries
Piping Isometric Drawings Created
International Industrial Sites
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