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As-built 3D Modeling & Documentation

Using our automated 3D scene capture technologies, we provide cost effective As-Built documentation of your industrial projects.  After completing over 850 projects, it was discovered that very rarely did construction contractors provide accurate marked up as-built drawings (traditionally referred to as ”Red-lines”).  In the world of rushing to complete construction, labor intensive tasks to produce as-built drawings usually never seems to reach the level of high priority and consequently fails to get completed.

Now, using our technology, we can quickly develop As-built 3D documentation of your project.

Why us?

When it comes to SAFETY, our technology is superior!  We have eliminated the risk of falling on the site by limiting the exposure to the hazard.  We simply do not have to climb to measure anything in your facility.  We can measure and model your projects from the ground…NO CLIMBING REQUIRED. 

When it comes to SPEED, our technology is the Quickest!  It does not matter if the project was constructed on 2D Plans and Sections or using a 3D Model from an engineering company which usually does not agree completely with the Issued For Construction drawings.  We can quickly capture a scene and automatically convert into a 3D Model which can be viewed and downloaded from our website.  In some applications the scene can be captured at several stages such as before the concrete is poured, before the tower is set on its anchor bolts, or before the piping is insulated.

We can Measure and Model anything with extreme Accuracy.  Using our technology, Accuracy is determined by what you need and not what laser scanners are limited too (+1/4”).   

We capture Structural Steel, Platforms, Stairs, Piping, Process Equipment, Instrumentation, Control Rooms, Buildings, Lighting, and Parking Lots.

We capture LARGE and SMALL Industrial scenes.

No more running over budgets because our PRICING is based on $ per cubic foot and NOT time and material rates.  You know the fixed price upfront…NO CHANGE ORDERS.

Easy to Use.  Just log into our website and view your 3D Models online without any special tools or software.  Just use your internet browser and you can download your results for your records.  Just that simple!  Contact us today at for a Quotation. 

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