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Dimensional Quality Control & Compliance

When it comes to the construction of Industrial, Chemical Manufacturing facilities and Refineries, large amounts of capital are spent on quality and inspections of equipment, piping and structural steel to verify material compliance and weld integrity.  Until recently, there were no cost effective tools, methods or services available to address the missing yet most important item of quality:  Dimensional compliance.  Owner/Operating and Construction Companies assume interconnecting items in a process have been fabricated as designed within dimensional tolerances.  THE PROBLEM IS NO ONE CHECKS AND VERIFIES THE ITEMS ARE FABRICATED CORRECTLY.  Certified Drawings or “As-Built” Drawings are created by the Fabricators themselves who have no incentive or pay no penalty if the dimensions are NOT correct.  The discovery happens during the Field Construction phase which causes significant disruptions in execution plans, delays to schedules, and increases in costs resulting from the “ERROR” surprise.  Further, historically, it is difficult to determine who caused the error and how to arrive at a cost effect solution to correct it.  On a recent $100 Million dollar industrial project, we discovered that over 80% of the equipment drawings, over 25% of piping isometric drawings, and virtually all structural steel drawings which were certified, had undiscovered fabrication errors.   Bourg & Associates NOW offers a Quick, Cost-effective solution! 


Utilizing our proprietary Metrology Technology, we offer dimensional inspection services for pipe spools sized 8’x8’x40’, Structural Steel, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Centrifugal and Reciprocating Pumps, Towers, and any specialized plant operating equipment. 


No more surprises during Construction!  You can now address errors by making modifications in advance of site mobilization.

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